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Did Kate spawn Sarah?

Here’s how Us Weekly reported Kate Beckinsale’s recent funny Instagram exchange. Nope, not me! Kate Beckinsale had a hilarious response to an Instagram commenter who mistook her for Sarah Silverman’s mother on Saturday, February 4. While out to dinner at Craig’s restaurant … Continue reading

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Beckinsale says Sarah will be at family Xmas

Michael Sheen’s ex, Kate Beckinsale, told Extra that she and Lily, daughter of Beckinsale and Sheen, will be joined by Sarah as they celebrate the holidays together in Los Angeles. As Kate Beckinsale promoted the fifth installment of “Underworld,” she … Continue reading

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Update: Sheen corrects Times article

In a December 17 profile of Michael Sheen, the London Times reported that the actor plans to quit acting, move back to Wales, and go into politics. Sheen has subsequently stated that the Times writer “misconstrued” what he had said, and … Continue reading

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Sheen plans move back to Wales; will Sarah follow?

  Sheen has since clarified what he said in the interview. Go here for our updated post.

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Pics: On Passengers red carpet 12/14/16

Michael Sheen is a featured actor in the new sci-fi film, Passengers, so of course Sarah was with him on the red carpet in Los Angeles when the movie premiered Wednesday night.

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Beckinsale banters with adoring Sarah

After Michael Sheen’s ex dropped a teasing comment into Sarah’s September 18 instagram adoring Michael, up and back hilarity ensued. This is how Erin Donnelly reported on the exchange for Refinery 29: Now that Demi and Bruce and Ashton have … Continue reading

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Sarah declares touching sentiment

In case you had any doubts after all this time…

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