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Bob’s Burgers creator recalls Silvermans

The New York Post today, in honor of this Sunday’s airing of the 100th episode of animated TV series Bob’s Burgers (FOX, 9:30 p.m.), published some reminiscences from series creator, Loren Bouchard. Included was this about recording the voices of Sarah … Continue reading

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Sarah’s sis has Xmas song

In the tradition of re-running December holiday TV specials annually, Sarah tweeted yesterday plugging this “prior season” video by her sister Laura.   x

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Sarah’s sister NOT carrying Cowell’s baby

The media reports incorrectly calling Simon Cowell’s impeding co-parent “Laura Silverman” created a momentary collective “Huh?” among Sarah fans. Part of a feature in today’s Huffington Post UK edition points out the error, picturing the celebrity who really does have that name. … Continue reading

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