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Video: Sarah posts new Bernie promo, covered by Beast

Sarah has a new video explaining why she supports Bernie Sanders for president, and today’s Daily Beast has this article about it. In 2008, Sarah Silverman promoted “The Great Schlep,” a campaign to get young Jews to travel down to Florida … Continue reading

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Pics: Sarah again revealing at L.A. premiere

The Daily Beast published this pic today atop the crass headline, “Sarah Silverman’s Knockout Dress Shows Why Chest Is Best,” and used what it called Sarah’s “dramatic décolletage” to lead off an article about celebrity cleavage.  Meanwhile, we’ll add some … Continue reading

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Sheen says Sarah available for butt

Michael Sheen wittily sidestepped when the Daily Beast interviewer tried to stir up some talk about his relationship with Sarah. This is Caryn James talking to Sheen (9/28/14). CJ: One last question. You got a lot of publicity for having … Continue reading

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Daily Beast article: Sarah as therapist

This profile appeared 11/22/13 in the Daily Beast (formerly Newsweek) online: Sarah Silverman loves therapists. So much that sometimes, she convinces herself she is one. “If you don’t deal with your shit your shit deals with you,” she says, kicking … Continue reading

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