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Pics: Sarah with Michael walking in L.A.

Sarah and Michael were shopping in Los Angeles Monday, November 30.

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Sheen makes Sarah feel faint

Sarah’s one word tweet about her boyfriend, Michael Sheen, says it all about how she feels toward him.

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Sheen not whisking Sarah away too soon

This article from a Canadian newspaper reassures American fans of Sarah that the couple won’t relocate permanently to England in the near future.  November 16, 2015 Michael Sheen misses the UK. The ‘Masters of Sex’ actor spends the majority of his time in … Continue reading

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Sarah NOT desperately seeking wedding

For those of you wondering how much accuracy there is in the Star magazine article (9/29/14) claiming Sarah has been hounding Michael Sheen for an engagement ring, we’ll let Sarah’s tweets provide your answer:  

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With Sheen in NYC

Sarah and Michael reportedly in New York City this weekend.

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Pic: with Sheen in L.A.

Sarah was seen strolling with Michael Sheen in Los Angeles on the weekend of February 22.

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Ex-Boyfriend Dishes Sarah

“Talking Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft” is a podcast the two nominally humorous hosts do. On their episode 172 (10/9/12), which Ifft solo hosted, Eddie interviewed Alec Sulkin, a writer on Family Guy, co-writer of the movie, Ted, … Continue reading

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