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Handler describes creating ad with Sarah

Chelsea Handler was on Access Hollywood Live this morning, and she briefly described the creative contributions she and Sarah made during the filming of their Superbowl 2015 T-Mobile commercial.  [We excerpted just the relevant piece.]

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Video: Sarah’s Superbowl Ad

Here’s the actual Superbowl 2015 ad Sarah and Chelsea Handler did for T-Mobile. UPDATE: Turns out that controversy has followed the airing of this ad. Some people are on the Internet ranting about the “Sorry, it’s a boy” line in … Continue reading

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Sarah and Chelsea Handler tease Superbowl ad

T-Mobile’s Superbowl 2015 ad features Sarah and Chelsea Handler, and the cell phone service pre-released this funny behind-the-scenes tease about their making of the spot.

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Video: See Sarah’s Orbit commercial

Here’s the thirty second version of Sarah’s TV ad for Orbit gum, as well as an article from Advertising Age about it. Sarah Silverman’s break-up with Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago has proven to be great comedic fodder for both stars. … Continue reading

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On set of Sarah’s Orbit commercial

Entertainment Tonight says they had an exclusive on filming backset as Sarah worked on her upcoming commercial for Orbit gum. Wish ET had put together a bit more interesting footage, especially since we have to sit through an unskippable ad first (but … Continue reading

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