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Sarah on American Idol

Sarah is F–king Matt Damon


The View 10-03-07

Late Show with David Letterman

2007 MTV VMA Monologue

Conversations with Michael Eisner

MTV Movie Awards Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel Live 05-16-07

Babybel Cheese Joke

2007 ISA Monologue

Cookie Party!

Global Warming

2006 Video Game Awards

Howard Stern

Jay Leno 09-18-06

Jimmy Kimmel Live 09-15-06

2006 MTV VMA’s

Jimmy Kimmel Live 05-12-06

2006 ISA Monologue

2006 ISA Intro

Celebrity Poker Showdown

ABC Nightline

Last Laugh ’05

Jay Leno 12-07-05

Roast of Carson Daly

Jimmy Kimmel Live 11-10-05

Crank Yankers

Conan O’Brien

Sarah Teaches Comedy

The Late Late Show with Crag Kilborn

The View 2002

Jay Leno 2002

Dinner for 5 (2001)

20 Responses to Videos

  1. christopher the gentile says:

    Hey Sarah, your videos are really funny but alot of them are skipping when you play them. Can you fix this?
    Oh and its not my computer smartass, it happens on every pc i use.

    Youre the funniest hottest chick out there, whooda thunk a pretty jew?
    you rock

  2. Lizzie says:

    hey sarah i love your show i liked the one where u licked your dogs butt me and my friends laugh about that in the halls all the time!! one of your biggest fans..lizzie

  3. katie says:

    I Love her show!!!
    Her show’s always amazing!! And she remains me when I was a child a lot!!!
    LOL Her voice is sound like what I spoke when I was a little girl!!! That’s sooo funny… that she had a similar voice..

  4. Tittan says:

    Sarah, you made my day!!

    I was bored, and sick of it all, and you came into my life like a breath of fresh air. Your humor is just perfect!

  5. jakob says:

    I love you!! you re soo funny!

  6. fredy says:

    i love your show ur comedy and ur wit
    i would say more but i have diaherra

  7. sarcast_douche says:

    Yeah, she’s gonna stop by and fix your codecs.

  8. jnt420 says:


  9. Björn says:


    Please, please, please come and do a show in Sweden!!!

    Pablo Fransisco sold out four nights in a row and he wasn’t even famous when he came to Stockholm. Your TV-show is on national swedish TV so you could be here for a month and never see an empty seat in the theatre.

    I hope to se you on a stage here in Stockholm real soon!

  10. alex says:

    sarah silverman is by far, one of the best stend up artist in the world.
    im from israel and we love you here. please come to israel. i would kill to see you preform on stage.

  11. nick says:

    Your show is cool, and I wanna say that I respect that you allow those two gay guys to be on it. I’m surprised at how eloquent they are, well eloquent by gay standards. Keep on rockin’, you’re bigger than jesus (literally)!

  12. albert henry says:

    hey sarah!
    i looves you baby, yah right..
    iwhats up with this season, it just stopped one day..
    was it the writers strikes??
    hmm i guess,, but then the show never came back up..
    oh well,
    those bastards, it was the only show i realy liked on comedy dentral.
    it got me into watching southpark, but only while i was waiting for your show.
    well, bye for now i guess.
    hope to see more of you in the industry=]]

    love yah,

  13. Quentin the Beeman on Nevis says:

    Greetings from a remote tiny caribbean island called Nevis. I look forward to having a good down to earth game of scrabble at Literati with you. That would be cool (and fun)

    buzzz ever sweetly Q B …. from >buzzzwords

  14. Gustaf says:

    Hi Sarah.

    I would love to watch and listen to the uncensored version of Im fucking Matt Damon (and also Ben Affleck) but every video is censored. Thats not so funny :/

  15. Andrew says:


    I love your jokes about racism, and as an Asian, I love that you make fun of asians because we dont get made fun of enough in the media. I must say, my favorite Sarah Silverman joke was the one about diamond industry. That maybe the single most sarcastic, socially enlightening, and intelligent joke I have ever heard of. Please continue to be hot and hillarious. I love you so much, I wish I was a powerful Jew in media so I can take you away from Jimmy.

    Love, Andrew.

  16. Noel says:

    Very funny and mega hot. Love you!

  17. TRal says:


    The Video Game Award one is HILARIOUS

  18. Osiris says:

    HEY! The Sarah Silverman Program is now in Sony Latinoamerica!!! I´M SOOO HAPPY!

  19. Mike A says:

    Recently discovered your I’m f*****g Matt Damon. I thought I might wet my self from laughing, and Jimmies response was off the Charts funny. So you now have my email address and I was wondering if you will ever put out the uncensored version thru the internet. If your publicity see this let me know. To funny loved it.

  20. Piotr says:

    You are electric 😉
    Greetings from Poland Sarah.

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