Sarah program now on Comedy Central

Sarah tweeted that you can now stream all the episodes of the classic Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central, and at the same time revealed that her favorite is season 3, episode 4 (“A Slip Slope”). 


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Pic: Christmas with Kate, Lindsey, and more

December 26, Kate Beckinsale posted this pic on her Instagram, which preserves forever the joy she and her guests were experiencing at Christmas 2016.  Below is how it was reported on refinery29.



Is everyone hanging out without me? Yes. Yes, they are.
     There were a lot of star-studded holiday hangouts we’d have killed to crash, but the one involving Kate Beckinsale, Sarah Silverman, and Lindsey Vonn might top the list. Some quick background: Beckinsale and Olympic skier Vonn are pals, and Silverman is the longtime girlfriend of her ex, Michael Sheen.
     According to Vonn’s Instagram page, the English actress hosted a festive affair at her home in Los Angeles, where a machine treated guests to the wonders of fake snow. If that all sounds too quaint for words, take a closer look at this group photo from the party. Hint: It’s right under their noses.
     “We are all nursing our Christmas nose ring hangovers today,” Beckinsale quipped of her guests’ (faux?) pierced septums.
     Well, it certainly gives new meaning to that whole “five golden rings” thing. Now, what does one do with a partridge in a pear tree?

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Beckinsale says Sarah will be at family Xmas

Michael Sheen’s ex, Kate Beckinsale, told Extra that she and Lily, daughter of Beckinsale and Sheen, will be joined by Sarah as they celebrate the holidays together in Los Angeles.


As Kate Beckinsale promoted the fifth installment of “Underworld,” she opened up about her upcoming holiday plans!

Though Beckinsale and ex-husband Michael Sheen are no longer a couple, they are friendly exes who spend the holidays with their 17-year-old daughter Lilly. While revealing they are going stay in Los Angeles for the holidays this year, she shared, “I quite often go back to the UK for the holidays, but this time, I’ve been traveling so much, you know, with various work things, that I brought the UK to me, so I’ll have my… my family here and my daughter’s dad [Sheen] and his girlfriend [Sarah Silverman] will be here and it will be fun.”

She added, “Yeah, we’re pretty lucky… yeah… I really like my family… I got handed a good one, and then I think we, you know, we all helped construct a good one. We’re lucky.”

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Update: Sheen corrects Times article

In a December 17 profile of Michael Sheen, the London Times reported that the actor plans to quit acting, move back to Wales, and go into politics. Sheen has subsequently stated that the Times writer “misconstrued” what he had said, and that he does not necessarily intend to quit acting. Still, his move to Wales leaves Sarah fans wondering if the long-time couple plan to try for a Trans-Atlantic relationship, or if she’ll move with him. Sheen reportedly admitted that maintaining the relationship may be a challenge. This People article is the version updated after Sheen’s clarifying statement.

121716sheenquitshdln2     Michael Sheen says he wants to fight the rise in far-right populism.
     In an interview with the U.K.’s Times that was published on Saturday, Sheen said he thought it was important to stand up against the far-right and that he intended to get more involved in political activism.
“In the same way as the Nazis had to be stopped in Germany in the Thirties, this thing that is on the rise has to be stopped,” he told the Times.
     “It will be a big change for how people relate to me,” he said. “Once I’m in, I’m fully in, and this is big. As soon as you start to be effective, then people try to crush you, because it’s dangerous.”
     Sheen went on to explain that his participation in the National Theatre of Wales’s The Passion first inspired him to get involved in community organizations, and he said his increased political activism has been a “natural progression” to “having a more direct influence.”
     And while he admitted to feeling “terrified” in the current state of politics, he added there is “a freedom in it.”
     He also admitted that he was unsure if his relationship with girlfriend Sarah Silverman would survive his move back to England. The couple has been linked since February 2014 and both starred in Showtime’s now-cancelled Masters of Sex.
     “He really classes me up and I just pull him right down to my level unfortunately for him,” the comedian told James Lipton while appearing on Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio last year. “I could go on and on.”

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Sheen plans move back to Wales; will Sarah follow?


Sheen has since clarified what he said in the interview.
Go here for our updated post.

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Pics: On Passengers red carpet 12/14/16

Michael Sheen is a featured actor in the new sci-fi film, Passengers, so of course Sarah was with him on the red carpet in Los Angeles when the movie premiered Wednesday night.




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Sarah-Bernie interview posting soon

On November 29, Sarah did an onstage interview of Bernie Sanders as a book promotion event sponsored by Vroman’s Bookstore in Glendale, CA. Sanders has as book out, and Sarah interviewed him as a ticketed event at the Alex Theatre.  Yesterday @nowthisnews tweeted that they will be posting the entire interview tomorrow (12/15/16). Until then, here is a glimpse of the conversation.

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