Video: Sarah busts on paparazzo at airport

It’s fun to watch this recent post of Sarah exasperated at perhaps the most inane paparazzo ever. (That’s her manager, Amy Zvi, with Sarah.)

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Sarah goes down on ballot

Russ Feingold and Sarah Silverman

In addition to publicly endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, Sarah has now placed her name in public support of at least one Democratic candidate for office lower on the national ballot, as this Associated Press article reports.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Comedian Sarah Silverman is the latest celebrity to send a fundraising plea for former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold.

Feingold’s campaign on Wednesday sent an email signed by Silverman asking for donations in Feingold’s race against Republican Sen. Ron Johnson. Hollywood star Robert Redford sent a similar message earlier in the campaign.

Silverman calls Feingold “one of the very few totally righteous politicians who has always voted on the right side of history.” She doesn’t cite examples, but Feingold was the only senator to vote against the Patriot Act.

He also voted for the Affordable Care Act, something Johnson has used to attack him in the campaign.

Silverman notes Johnson’s support for Donald Trump and calls Johnson a “bought-and-paid-for Tea Party shill.”

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Sarah helped shape 10/16/16 episode of Masters

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read past here if you have not yet watched Season 4, Episode 6 of Masters of Sex.  But once you have seen it, this Entertainment Weekly article will give you insights into how and why it came about.

by Marc Snetiker           October 17 2016 — 2:00 AM EDT

101616episodeMasters of Sex lost one of its own on Sunday night in a heartbreaking episode guaranteed to make you call your parents — or, maybe not.

In the Oct. 16 episode “Family Only,” spunky office manager Betty (Annaleigh Ashford) gets a brutal reality check when her pregnant girlfriend, Helen (guest star Sarah Silverman) finally goes into labor. The resulting procedure — which tests the medical mettle of two of the best doctors in the city, Barton (Beau Bridges) and Bill (Michael Sheen) — ends in tragedy, as Helen dies in childbirth. Worse, as Helen’s non-legal gay partner, Betty holds no rights to the baby, watching with devastation as the infant ends up in the arms of Helen’s unaccepting parents.

It’s quite a shocker for Masters, and certainly the Showtime show’s biggest shocker since Barton’s suicide attempt in season 2. Sarah Silverman, who’d been guesting on the series since that season as well, was only ever due for a limited number of episodes, but surely stayed long past expectation because of her dynamic chemistry with Betty. Now, sadly, it appears her time is up in the most tragic way.

EW caught up with Masters creator Michelle Ashford for a literal post-mortem on the traumatic episode, Silverman’s exit, and a check-in on how this will shake up Bill Masters’ rehabilitation.

EW: Poor Helen. Poor Betty! Why did you do this to poor Betty?

MICHELLE ASHFORD: Well, we had been thinking about this for a long time. Starting with Barton in the first season, we wanted to keep touching base with what it’s like to be gay in this time period. One of the things we wanted to explore, given where our show is going, is what constitutes a family, and we started talking about what it was like for a lesbian couple to try and put together a family in that day and age. What we realized is that, if Betty was going to carry the bulk of this storyline, for her to actually have to face the reality of what it means to be a mother in this situation, Helen had to be out of the picture for her to fully take on the reality of what happens. It’s a story that I think we were worried a little bit about — does it seem gratuitous, just in terms of killing Helen for drama’s sake? But in fact, what it really is is the beginning of a long story for Betty about how to put together a family and carve out any kind of rights at all as a single gay woman. Continue reading

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Sarah on TV twice this Sunday

On 10/16/16, first watch Sarah as Rachel on the 600th Simpsons (8 pm, Fox), then see her back as Helen on Masters of Sex (10 pm, Showtime).

None of the Masters of Sex Season 4, Episode 6 promos feature Sarah yet, but these stills from the episode do.



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Video: Sarah will be Rachel on Simpsons Sunday

This is from TVLine:



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Video: Sarah peachy with Levine/Maroon 5

This is how Yahoo video reported it:


Be patient. After the brief early still-shot appearance, you have to wait until 2m:07s for Sarah’s first live appearance in the 6m:18s video. And then 2m:36s is the last you’ll see of her, except for one more still shot.

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Video: Sarah on Seth Meyers 10/10/16

Oops, sorry we missed giving you a heads up that Sarah would be on Late Night with Seth Meyers last Monday, but here are two clips NBC has posted (for now) from her appearance.

In this one, she explains (again) her 2016 DNC appearance controversy, then talks about the effects of a pot cookie on her meeting Al Gore in 2008.

Here she talks about her father’s tweeting (@RantsFromBoca), which leads into a story that will add to fans’ prior knowledge of her “inappropriate” upbringing. Then a different story about her dad and summer camp.

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