I Smile Back to show at Western Canada festival

111615WhistlerFestLogoDespite the huge publicity blitz (No wonder Sarah got sick; she’s been running herself ragged doing promotional interviews), it is difficult to see I Smile Back in a theater if you don’t live in one of the 16 big cities in which it’s been released. We are jealous now when new theater showings get announced far away from our home base, but we’re happy for those who benefit.  In this case, it’s you who live in Western Canada.

The Whistler Film Festival, in Whistler, British Columbia, will show I Smile Back at 9:15 p.m. on December 5. Tickets are available here. The press release is here. The festival website is here.

In the U.S., if you’re not near a theater showing, you can see I Smile Back on VOD or iTunes.

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Lena Dunham Qs Sarah in Lenny

Actress/writer Lena Dunham (“Girls”) publishes a newsletter called Lenny, and this is from her November 13 issue. It’s chock-full of awesome answers to gem questions.

The Lenny Questionnaire: Sarah Silverman
The comedian and actress talks about her first kiss

and her favorite body part in this incisive interview.

by Lena Dunham – November 13, 2015

Here’s the second installment of the Lenny Questionnaire: our adaptation of your and Proust’s favorite 19th-century personality quiz. Today, we’re talking to Sarah Silverman, a woman who makes me feel cozier than a small dog wrapped in a polar fleece. Continue reading

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Audio: Sarah on Stern 10/26/15



Sarah and Howard go way back, and Sarah is a Howard “superfan,” so you can always count on a Stern show Sarah interview to bring out something new. (Remember it’s long form radio, so this October 26 interview is 43 minutes.)

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Video: Sarah on WWHL 10/29/15

There’s finally a way for fans who missed Andy Cohen with Sarah on Watch What Happens Live‘s “Halloween Show,” October 29, to see the full episode online. The official Bravo link is wrong: the page they say links to that full episode actually plays the episode after that. We’ve contacted their webmaster twice in the past two weeks and it’s still not fixed. But a correct link through Youtube instead of Bravo went up this week, so you do have a chance (probably temporarily) to see the episode. Cohen always brings out new humor from Sarah, so we recommend watching.

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Sarah too sick to do 11/13/15 NYC gigs

Unfortunately for those who had tickets for Sarah’s NYC Comedy Festival appearance last night, her illness (presumably stomach virus considering her tweets) didn’t let up and she had to cancel.  (And of course she didn’t make the Tonight Show scheduled appearance either.)


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Sarah to be on Fallon 11/13/15



Sarah will be a guest tomorrow on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC).

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Pics: More of Sarah filming Book of Henry

Filming of The Book of Henry continued at Hildebrandt’s Restaurant (Long Island, NY) on November 3. Reportedly, that was likely the last day of filming at that location.


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