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Archive for the 'Video' Category

Sarah in new Seinfeld series episode 1

Posted by Gator on July 24th, 2014


Sarah is one of the three guests in today’s premiere of Jerry Seinfeld’s new series that is a companion to his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The new series, Single Shots, uses some of the film footage that was cut from the original interviews. (Sarah was the featured interview in episode 1 of season 2 of CCGC.) Each episode of Single Shots is organized around a theme, splicing together never-before-seen theme-related scenes involving several previous CCGC guests.. The first episode is “Donuts.”  Jerry and Sarah take out from K&C Donut and snack as they drive. The Sarah sections of the episode are at timecodes 24s, 1m:19s, and 1m:54s.

The other two guests in the “Donuts” episode are Tina Fey and Brian Regan. The episode is just over two minutes long. New episodes are released each Thursday at noon (ET). You can watch at Crackle.com or ComediansInCarsGettingCoffee.com.

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Sarah comedy album available for pre-order

Posted by Gator on July 22nd, 2014

This is Sarah’s own promo (filmed using her iPhone) for the September 23 release by Sub Pop Records of the audio recording (“album”) of We Are Miracles, her Emmy-nominated HBO comedy special.

072214WeAreMiraclesAlbumCoverPOThe recording will be available on LP, CD, and digital. Sub Pop’s release announcement today also said pre-orders of the CD or LP (not the digital) from Sub Pop will receive “while they last” an art print signed by Sarah. And the first 750 copies of the LP pre-ordered from Sub Pop will be on colored vinyl. You can pre-order the album here.

The DVD of We Are Miracles is already available from HBO, Amazon, and other retailers.

Video: Sarah on Chelsea Lately 5/28/14

Posted by Gator on May 31st, 2014

Here’s a clip of Chelsea Handler interviewing Sarah on Chelsea Lately, May 28. (After 30 second ad.)


 Sarah talks about her feelings for Giovanni Ribisi, about dating celebrities, and about being averse to magicians.

Also on the show, the pair discussed being single and some people’s presumption of the desire to get married. Time online’s report on the Chelsea episode (below) includes a bit of that segment.


Video: Even more of Sarah on Bill Maher

Posted by Gator on May 28th, 2014

This is from the “Overtime” segment of Bill Maher’s May 23 show.


Sarah is part of the panel responding to this list of questions. (Careful, it’s twelve minutes of mostly politics. But Sarah does weigh in each time– especially at timecode 7m:35s for the pot question– and shows she is, as fans know, not just witty, but also smart and wise.

-Should the Washington Redskins change their name?
-Are radio talk show hosts true believers or salesmen?
-Does Nancy Pelosi appointing Democrats to the Benghazi investigative panel give the scandal validity?
-To Jose Antonio Vargas– Which was harder: coming out as gay or coming out as undocumented?
-Isn’t it time for the major sports leagues to re-think their policies on marijuana use by athletes?


Sarah on Chelsea Lately show tonight (5/28/14)

Posted by Gator on May 28th, 2014







Sarah is on Chelsea Lately tonight at 11 p.m. on the E! network.





Video: Sarah on The View 5/23/14

Posted by Gator on May 27th, 2014

Here’s a clip of Sarah on ABC’s The View last week, including her support of her brother-in-law’s candidacy for president of Israel.


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Video: More Sarah on Bill Maher 5/23/14

Posted by Gator on May 26th, 2014

Here’s a longer clip (7m:35s) of Sarah on Bill Maher’s show Friday.

The topics were mostly rehash of previously talked about stuff:

She expands a little on what she’s said in the past about comedians targeting her age on the James Franco roast.
She talks about the protesters at her fundraiser for Texas women’s reproductive rights needs.
She calls herself “baby crazy” when Bill asks if she’s thought about having kids of her own.

But as an example of how Sarah’s spontaneous wit in interviews is often Sarah at her best, when Bill brings up the controversy of there being a gift shop at the 9-11 Museum, Sarah observes:
“Hey, unless you have a mug, how are you going to remember 9-11?”