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Archive for the 'TV' Category

MTV Awards: Sarah among Conan cameos

Posted by Gator on April 16th, 2014


Conan O’Brien, hosting the 2014 MTV Movie Awards April 13, started the show with a video bit in which he broke “the record for most celebrity cameos in an MTV Movie Awards open.”  Sarah was cameo #2 (timecode 1:10 to 1:15). Conan catches her brushing her teeth.




No, Sarah is NOT writing a new series for Xbox

Posted by Gator on April 8th, 2014

040814MicroXboxJashPYes, Microsoft this week announced plans for original series programming  through its Xbox television division. But the plethora of postings this week that say Sarah will have an active role in one of those series are spreading inaccurate information.

The original source material for this news appears to be an April 7 Bloomberg article, which stated that one of the new series will be, “ a comedy sketch show [produced] with Silverman and Michael Cera’s JASH comedy collective.”  And that article also placed Sarah’s name in its lead sentence: “Microsoft Corp. is going Hollywood with a cast including comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Green….” As it is wont to do, the internet then went wild with articles that placed Sarah in the headline or the lead sentence. Misleadingly.

So what’s truth? It is our understanding that JASH has signed to do something for Microsoft/Xbox. But it’s yet unknown which JASH luminaries will actually be creating it. So don’t get your hopes up yet for weekly original content from Sarah. (By our count, if you include the Psychic Friends video, we’ve been getting new Sarah content on JASH every two months.)

Good Wife actor to come alive with Sarah

Posted by Gator on March 30th, 2014

Actor Josh Charles was widely sought by journalists for comment after his character in CBS’s The Good Wife was unexpectedly killed in last week’s episode.

Telling the Baltimore Sun about his upcoming movie role starring opposite Sarah in the screen adaptation of I Smile Back, Charles described the movie this way:

“It’s a low-budget independent film, and a real passion project for all involved,” he said. “Sarah’s a pal, and I’m excited for people to see her in a new light in this dramatic role.”

No wonder Sarah posted this week:


Sarah fans will recall that Sarah previously acted with Charles on a 2011 episode of The Good Wife. In Season 2: Episode 22, she memorably played Stephanie Engler, “the purveyor of a controvesial adult website that brokered hookups between married people.”


Video: See Sarah’s Orbit commercial

Posted by Gator on March 17th, 2014

Here’s the thirty second version of Sarah’s TV ad for Orbit gum, as well as an article from Advertising Age about it.


Sarah Silverman’s break-up with Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago has proven to be great comedic fodder for both stars. In a new TV ad, Ms. Silverman is going for laughs after the end of an even hotter relationship: a one-night stand with a cup of coffee.

Talking Nachos in Previous Orbit Ad The ad, by Omnicom Group’s Energy BBDO of Chicago, for Wrigley’s Orbit, seeks to position the gum as a way to “break up with lingering food” and get that “just-brushed clean feeling.” The brand has been pushing the message for a while with previous ads that also personified food, including one spot in which a man is needled by talking nachos as he tries to watch a polo match.

With Ms. Silverman, Orbit is hoping to capture more attention while also portraying the gum as a way for people to gain confidence by avoiding embarrassing bad breath in public moments.

In the spot, Ms. Silverman is pitching a TV show as the talking cup of coffee tries to creep back in her life — with her lipstick still on its lid. A 15-second and 30-second version will run nationally on cable and primetime in the U.S. though the end of the year, according to Wm. J. Wrigley Jr. Co., which is owned by Mars. (In a tweak that only hard-core ad watchers might notice, the brand has sidelined the “Orbit Girl” character who has long appeared in ads.)

Orbit gum “We’re building on the success of a global oral care campaign that has driven gum sales in international markets,” Anne Marie Splitstone, Wrigley’s senior gum category director, said in a statement to Ad Age. “We’re now connecting the functional benefit of chewing Orbit gum for a clean mouth feeling after eating and drinking with the emotional benefit of having the confidence to do your best.”

The Silverman spot comes as gum marketers continue to look for solutions to the category’s long-running woes, which have been caused by competition, high unemployment among teenagers and other factors. Sugarless-gum category sales fell by 5.9% in the 52 weeks ending Jan. 26 to $2.7 billion, according to IRI. At Wrigley, which controls 55% of the category, sugarless gum sales dropped by 7.8% in the period. But sales of Orbit, which is the top-selling brand in the category, increased 7.6% to $459 million, according to IRI.


Rogen includes Sarah as puff pal

Posted by Gator on March 16th, 2014

On his March 12 episode, Andy Cohen showed Watch What Happens Live guest Seth Rogen pictures of celebrities and asked the actor/writer who he had smoked marijuana with. About Sarah, Rogen stated, “Yes, many times.”  Although other celebs also got affirmations, we trust that Sarah made it a treat.


Amusing musing in Andy Cohen’s green room

Posted by Gator on February 7th, 2014

So this is what was going on as Sarah was on deck at Watch What Happens Live. (posted 2/6/14)

In Kimmel cameo 2/6/14

Posted by Gator on February 7th, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel did his 6th edition of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” last night, and Sarah was one of the readers. The pic takes you straight to Sarah’s timecode, or go here to see the whole bit.