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Archive for the 'TV' Category

Sarah will bed Ashford in Masters of Sex

Posted by Gator on July 25th, 2014


A second photo has been published of Sarah on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, although her episodes have not yet aired. This pic accompanied xfinity’s July 25 TV blog report about a recent press party held on the Masters Of Sex set in Culver City (CA). Here’s an excerpt, which includes new tidbits, including the reveal that Sarah’s Helen character will “get horizontal” with Annaleigh Ashford’s Betty:

     As Betty in the first season, we met the hard edged prostitute who helped Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) in the early stages of his sex study. Later in the season, however, we found that, despite being a lesbian, Betty had married pretzel mogul Gene (Greg Grunberg) and was putting her sexuality in the closet for the sake of having a more grounded, satisfying life.
     Now in Season 2, Betty is back and while she’s as sassy and ballsy as ever, she’s also still in a marriage that may satisfy her wardrobe but isn’t satisfying her sexually. That is, until Sarah Silverman’s Helen shows up and a new, closeted romance, is going to start.
     At a press party held on the Masters Of Sex set in Culver City, the actress gushed about working with Silverman. “First of all, she’s like one of the most magical people to be with on set.” And while we’re used to the comedic side of Silverman, it’s that side that helps her work her magic in the world of drama, too. “What makes great comedians great is they’re so honest,” Ashford said. “And she’s so honest and beautiful as an actress and just so giving.”
     The actress, known for her Broadway work in such shows as Kinky Boots and Hair as well as the upcoming “You Can’t Take It With You,” did also reveal that Betty and Helen do get horizontal in the course of their storyline but, perhaps to alleviate any nervousness, ended up singing a song from “Gypsy” with her co-star. Ashford recounted that in regards to their costumes for the scene she said to Silverman, “’You look like Louise, and I look like June from Gypsy.’ And [Silverman] turned around and went, ‘If momma was married…’ We sang the whole song! She knew the harmonies. We sang literally the whole song!”


Sarah’s voice back in Simpsons next season

Posted by Gator on July 20th, 2014

093012-SimpsonsBartAndNikkiFox TV’s announcement about the upcoming season of The Simpsons (the animated series’ 26th season) says that Sarah will again appear next season. Sarah has appeared in two previous episodes of the show, both times voicing the character “Nikki,” a fourth grade classmate of Bart.

JASH Xbox spot removed

Posted by Gator on July 17th, 2014




The news from Microsoft Thursday was that it will shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios, the division responsible for original Xbox programming.  That means the comedy/variety half-hour program that was to be created by the members of JASH (which includes Sarah) will not move forward, at least not via Xbox. Fans can only hope if work was already done on the show, maybe it will still make it to JASH some day.

Masters of Sex costumer redresses Sarah

Posted by Gator on July 16th, 2014

071614CrabtreeWhen New York magazine recently interviewed Masters of Sex costume designer Ane Crabtree for its fashion section (posted July 15), Crabtree was in the process of working with series newcomers including Sarah, whose body she said “fits completely in the 1950s” (when the Showtime drama takes place).

Here are the designer’s complete comments about Sarah (in response to the question, “Sarah Silverman and Betsy Brandt are two new stars who’ll be on the show. Can you share any insight into the costume-design process for them?)”:

Sarah plays a girl called Helen. We’ve heard about Helen in season one — we heard the name come out of Betty’s mouth. But we never actually saw Helen. What’s interesting with Sarah is that she’s so gorgeous and contrasting — pale-white skin, raven-black hair — and has a body that fits completely in the 1950s. And Sarah — forever in jeans and baseball caps and baseball tees, and boots — to take all that off: Lord have mercy!

Masters of Sex update (w/first Sarah pic!)

Posted by Gator on July 12th, 2014


Glamour‘s interview (online 7/11/14) of Annaleigh Ashford, who plays Betty on Masters of Sex, features the first Masters photo we’ve gotten that includes Sarah (in her role of Helen). Betty is a lesbian, now married to a man, and Helen is Betty’s ex-lover. (With them in the photo is Greg Grunberg, who plays Betty’s husband.) No word yet on when the first Sarah episode will air.

Here is the portion of the Glamour article that mentions Sarah:

Glamour: And I’m assuming that [Betty] hasn’t backed out of that [marital] arrangement when we’re reunited with her in season two?

Ashford: She’s still married to the Pretzel King and hiding so many secrets from him. Then we meet Betty’s former lover.

Played by Sarah Silverman. I was so pleasantly surprised when they cast her.

I was so excited to work with her. She’s one of the most important comedians of our time. And comedians are often great actors, because as storytellers they’re extremely honest. We had a ball.

Is there anything you can say about the story line?

Only that it’s extremely complicated and unexpected. I think it’s really important that the show is looking at that alternative lifestyle.

Sarah receives Emmy nom

Posted by Gator on July 10th, 2014

EmmyAwardSarahP2The Emmy Award nominations were announced this morning, and Sarah’s HBO special, “We Are Miracles,” was nominated twice: for Outstanding Variety Special and for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special. Entertainment Weekly reported Sarah’s reaction to be: “I’m so excited! Osh Kosh B’gosh just offered to dress me!”

Also nominated in the Outstanding Variety Special category are “AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Mel Brooks” (TNT),  “The Beatles: The Night That Changed America” (CBS), “Best Of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Primetime Special” (NBC, )”Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays” (HBO), and  “The Kennedy Center Honors” (CBS). And nominated along with Sarah in the Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special are “The Beatles: The Night That Changed America,” “Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays,” “The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards,” and “The 67th Annual Tony Awards.”  Sarah previously won an Emmy for her music video, “I’m Fucking Matt Damon,” and was nominated for “The Sarah Silverman Program,” and for her role in “Monk.”

The Awards will be presented (and televised live) August 25.

On Letterman re-run 7/2/14

Posted by Gator on July 2nd, 2014




Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) is re-running Sarah’s May 20 appearance tonight.