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Pics: Sarah at LAX 2/7/17

The pictures are not remarkable at all, but some fans just always want to see what Sarah has been wearing. This is how she looked at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday.

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Did Kate spawn Sarah?

Here’s how Us Weekly reported Kate Beckinsale’s recent funny Instagram exchange. Nope, not me! Kate Beckinsale had a hilarious response to an Instagram commenter who mistook her for Sarah Silverman’s mother on Saturday, February 4. While out to dinner at Craig’s restaurant … Continue reading

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Pics: Sarah at LAX 1/9/17

Paparazzo photographed Sarah at Los Angeles Airport about to head back to NYC, January 9.

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Pic: Christmas with Kate, Lindsey, and more

December 26, Kate Beckinsale posted this pic on her Instagram, which preserves forever the joy she and her guests were experiencing at Christmas 2016.  Below is how it was reported on refinery29.   Is everyone hanging out without me? Yes. … Continue reading

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Pics: On Passengers red carpet 12/14/16

Michael Sheen is a featured actor in the new sci-fi film, Passengers, so of course Sarah was with him on the red carpet in Los Angeles when the movie premiered Wednesday night.

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Sarah helped shape 10/16/16 episode of Masters

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read past here if you have not yet watched Season 4, Episode 6 of Masters of Sex.  But once you have seen it, this Entertainment Weekly article will give you insights into how and why it came … Continue reading

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Sarah on TV twice this Sunday

On 10/16/16, first watch Sarah as Rachel on the 600th Simpsons (8 pm, Fox), then see her back as Helen on Masters of Sex (10 pm, Showtime). None of the Masters of Sex Season 4, Episode 6 promos feature Sarah … Continue reading

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