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For sale: home of early Sarah and sibs

The selling of this house is presumably another experience difficult for Sarah, who still can be seen periodically wearing her mother’s painted overalls. (More pics are also available at “New Hampshire Homes.”)

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You can bid on Sarah’s voice

As she has done before for charity, Sarah is offering to record her voice as your answering machine message…if you are the high bidder online. This time her auction will benefit the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California. … Continue reading

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Beckinsale banters with adoring Sarah

After Michael Sheen’s ex dropped a teasing comment into Sarah’s September 18 instagram adoring Michael, up and back hilarity ensued. This is how Erin Donnelly reported on the exchange for Refinery 29: Now that Demi and Bruce and Ashton have … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Twitter hacked 7/27/16

Sarah had a troublesome week. Monday night the long-time passionate Bernie Sanders supporter made her Democratic National Convention speech after which she scolded recalcitrant Sanders supporters who were refusing to vote for Clinton despite knowing Bernie would not be the nominee.  Then … Continue reading

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Sarah subject of PhD research

G. O. is doing research for a doctoral dissertation about audience response to female standup comedians, with Sarah Silverman as one of her case studies. She would like our site visitors to consider answering a brief survey as part of her … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Sarah!

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Sarah’s sister pens new book

Sarah alerted fans this week to her sister Susan’s book being released in March. It’s called Casting Lots: Creating a Family in a Beautiful Broken World. Below is the preview chapter that was published by the Jerusalem Post on November 28. From … Continue reading

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