Sarah sends sentiments out to Kimmel family

While at the NYC Hulu Upfronts to promote her “I Love You, America” talk show, Sarah also commented on the recent health scare Jimmy Kimmel had at the birth of his son, Billy. This is how US magazine reported it:


Sarah Silverman is supporting her ex Jimmy Kimmel after his emotional monologue about his newborn son’s heart surgery on the Monday, May 1, episode of his late-night show.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host, 49, who is now married to Molly McNearney, opened up about their baby boy, William “Billy” John Kimmel, needing heart surgery shorty after his birth. He was diagnosed with a “tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia,” which means the pulmonary valve is blocked and there’s a hole in the heart wall. He used the speech to endorse the Affordable Care Act and stress that health care shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

Silverman, 46, who dated Kimmel on and off from 2002 to 2009, thought it was a “beautiful” monologue. “Look, you saw his show Monday. He said everything there was to say. I think it was beautiful,” she told Us Weekly and other reporters at the Hulu upfronts in NYC on Wednesday, May 3. “I loved his appeal to please not defund things like the children’s hospital. The children’s hospital depends so much on this because 40 percent of the people being affected by the heath care cuts are children.”

The I Love You, America star praised her fellow comedian for being well-spoken. “He made a very elegant, heartfelt, bipartisan plea the last two minutes of that monologue, and I thought it was brilliant and not that that’s where his mind is at to be brilliant right now, but my heart is with both of them, and I’m glad things are looking up,” she said.

As Kimmel explained on the show, his son’s operation was a “success” and Billy is “doing great” thanks to care at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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  1. Jessica Louise Thoreson says:

    I just started watching A Spec of Dust, and it is so smart and funny, you have always inspired me to be a comedy writer. I heard what happened to you on one of my least favorite late night shows (joke) and I am so happy to hear you also go to the doctor for a sore throat, and even happier to hear you are doing well! Anyways, I have so much material and don’t know how to take the first step to go about publishing or sharing…. And was hoping maybe you had some advise. “the next time you fell like you gunna jerk off into a gym sock or down the shower drain orrr I don’t know why but I peg you as an on the belly guy” so fucking funny.


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