Pics: Sarah at NYC upfronts 5/3/17

Sarah was adorably fashionable at the Hulu upfronts in New York City on May 3.

050317_UpfrontsNYC_J1b 050317_UpfrontsNYC_P2 050317_UpfrontsNYC_P3

Sarah closed the Hulu presentation by talking about her upcoming talk show
(as reported by TheWrap):



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One Response to Pics: Sarah at NYC upfronts 5/3/17

  1. Mark Landwer says:

    I was watching “A Speck of Dust” last night with my wife. When you got to the joke about your dad at Camp and people going to therapy, I laughed very hard. The problem is I am congested (due to seasonal allergies) and the laughing randomly caused me to choke. I rushed to get to the kitchen for a glass of water but I tripped over a portion of the couch, fell and hit my head on the wall knocking me unconscious. I just wanted you to know that the joke was so funny, it knocked me out :-).

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