Elite interviews Sarah at upfronts

Here’s an excerpt from today’s EliteDaily.com article about Sarah, which included this interview that took place at the Hulu upfronts in New York City on May 3, where Sarah talked about her upcoming talk show.


by Stephanie Ironson – May 8, 2017

At the Hulu Upfront, Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Sarah Silverman about her upcoming show and the message she wants to get out to millennials who are experiencing the jarring effects of politics for the first time.

Sarah spewed her words of wisdom for Gen Y and advised us to “be loud. Don’t get tired because that’s part of I think they’re doing, they’re rope-a-doping us, they’re trying to tire us out. We’re bombarded by daily atrocities and it’s easy to just want to curl up and watch you know, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ or something… do that sometimes, sure, but never stop speaking out, showing up, using your vote and, you know what’s more effective than anything? You know we’re not seen as people or citizens. we’re seen as consumers, really look at where you spend your money there’s a Ma and Pa alternative to pretty much everything you buy.”

Silverman went on to dissect the differences between big businesses and their smaller counterparts and how millennials need to take note and take action:

“Switch from a bank to a credit union, it’ll change your life zero. I mean the only difference is the rates are lower at credit unions, we just don’t know about credit unions because the government and the banks that have trillions of dollars don’t want us there. Banks are for profit endeavors and that’s why they fund Big Oil, which we also don’t need the only reason we have it is so we’re beholden to more Big Oil to make oil billionaires into oil trillionaires there’s no real reason for it. You know what creates jobs? Wind energy, solar energy, there are so many other things we don’t need to rely on it the reason why they’re building pipelines is to force us to rely on it for decades to come and by relying on banks we’re complicit in that. Move to credit unions.”

While this new show is sure to be wickedly funny and entertaining, there is no doubt Silverman’s intense passion and understanding of the issues that divide our nation will inspire watchers to get up and do something.

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