Tix: Sarah to be at Tig’s 4/1/17 benefit

Tig Notaro is holding a benefit at Largo (Los Angeles) on April 1, and Sarah is slated to join Tig, Margaret Cho, and Amy Burkman, in that night’s performances.  Below is the Largo description of the event. Tickets are here.


It’s official! Tig Notaro will be joined by Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho and speed painter extraordinaire, Amy Burkman, at 8pm, Sat., April 1 at Largo at the Coronet for Krullapalooza IV – the girl-power edition – which will benefit MOSTe, an amazing group that helps 250 girls in LA’s toughest neighborhoods to believe in their dreams and turn them into reality.

Premium Tickets and donations:  https://app.donorview.com/44OK

In underserved communities in Los Angeles, many girls struggle to feel like they have ANY power. They may have ambitions, but they don’t have peers and role models to help them buy into the belief that their dreams are achievable.

So thousands of girls who could do so much more settle for lives that don’t do justice to their potential, and the world loses the contributions they could have made.

MOSTe is an amazingly effective 30 year old mentoring and support group that gives emotional, academic and financial support to inner city girls to nurture and validate their ambitions and quite literally change the trajectories of their lives.

MOSTe is made up of a bare-bones staff and an army of volunteer mentors who work hand-in-hand with the girls every step of the way from their inner city middle schools through college. They are spectacularly effective at fulfilling their mission of making the world smarter, one girl at a time. As one of the girls said, MOSTe was “like a hand reaching out from heaven.”

But in today’s climate, where so many causes are competing for our limited resources, they need a financial boost to keep their mission alive.

Please come to this great show and/or donate and help an amazing cause!

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