Pic: Christmas with Kate, Lindsey, and more

December 26, Kate Beckinsale posted this pic on her Instagram, which preserves forever the joy she and her guests were experiencing at Christmas 2016.  Below is how it was reported on refinery29.



Is everyone hanging out without me? Yes. Yes, they are.
     There were a lot of star-studded holiday hangouts we’d have killed to crash, but the one involving Kate Beckinsale, Sarah Silverman, and Lindsey Vonn might top the list. Some quick background: Beckinsale and Olympic skier Vonn are pals, and Silverman is the longtime girlfriend of her ex, Michael Sheen.
     According to Vonn’s Instagram page, the English actress hosted a festive affair at her home in Los Angeles, where a machine treated guests to the wonders of fake snow. If that all sounds too quaint for words, take a closer look at this group photo from the party. Hint: It’s right under their noses.
     “We are all nursing our Christmas nose ring hangovers today,” Beckinsale quipped of her guests’ (faux?) pierced septums.
     Well, it certainly gives new meaning to that whole “five golden rings” thing. Now, what does one do with a partridge in a pear tree?

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