Beckinsale says Sarah will be at family Xmas

Michael Sheen’s ex, Kate Beckinsale, told Extra that she and Lily, daughter of Beckinsale and Sheen, will be joined by Sarah as they celebrate the holidays together in Los Angeles.


As Kate Beckinsale promoted the fifth installment of “Underworld,” she opened up about her upcoming holiday plans!

Though Beckinsale and ex-husband Michael Sheen are no longer a couple, they are friendly exes who spend the holidays with their 17-year-old daughter Lilly. While revealing they are going stay in Los Angeles for the holidays this year, she shared, “I quite often go back to the UK for the holidays, but this time, I’ve been traveling so much, you know, with various work things, that I brought the UK to me, so I’ll have my… my family here and my daughter’s dad [Sheen] and his girlfriend [Sarah Silverman] will be here and it will be fun.”

She added, “Yeah, we’re pretty lucky… yeah… I really like my family… I got handed a good one, and then I think we, you know, we all helped construct a good one. We’re lucky.”

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