Sarah’s doc describes affliction

This is what one of the doctors who treated Sarah’s epiglottitis told ET during an interview today:

     Dr. Rob Huizenga spoke to ET about Silverman’s life-threatening condition called epiglottitis, a bacterial infection of the upper part of the larynx, which required surgery.
     “Epiglottitis can be a fatal disease, because this tissue is sitting right on top of your windpipe,” Huizenga told ET. “If it swells from a burn or an infection, suddenly the whole mechanism of getting air from your mouth into your lungs is closed off unless you literally put a tube past that blockage into the lung.”
     The procedure was especially stressful for Silverman as her blood pressure was too low for her to be fully sedated, meaning she was conscious through the ordeal.
     “It can be very freaky and very scary because you’re awake and alert, but because the tube goes through your vocal cords, you can’t phonate,” Huizenga said. “You can’t make any sounds. You can’t talk.”


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