Tix: Sarah in Kansas City, MO 6/8/16

Sarah will do a standup show June 8 at Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri.


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One Response to Tix: Sarah in Kansas City, MO 6/8/16

  1. Francis (aka Pope) says:

    Sarah, sincerely good luck in my home town. Someone meaning to compliment my sense of humor once told me, “You’re a hoot!”

    Well, you’re quite a hootie yourself. Yes, I know what that is.

    I also see you on TV several times a day on that Quaker ad. Wow, your “son” is really getting the knack how to drive a two-wheeler… But at school, he sure got some splainin’ ta do when his classmates ask what his “mom” does for a living.

    “Oh, she’s a drop-dead Hot Mamma who trashes every public figure but the Pope.”

    Thanks for that, Sweetie. {wink}

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