Video: more Bernie stuff from Sarah

For those of you who want more details than Sarah mentions in the five minute video she posted as “Bernie Sanders Is the One for Me: Sarah Silverman Explains,” she also posted this, called, “More Reasons Why Bernie Is the One for Sarah.”

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One Response to Video: more Bernie stuff from Sarah

  1. ned buchbinder says:

    sarah, you r intelligent, you make me smile and laugh. i am 1/2 jewish(my dad was jewish), so i think i understand and appreciate you.
    i like your book, movies, tvshow.

    I like bernie. if he gets the nomination, i will work for him and vote for him.
    If he doesn’t get it, will you vote for, support hillary clinton?

    i am 69, a retired teacher, peace corps/india, eem principal, father-feminist of three amzing daughters, goodwife. you are wonderful. shlom. happy persach.
    ned buchbinder

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