Sarah in film premiering at SXSW 3/13/16

SXSWver2Sarah appears in a new film that will be showing at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin (TX) next week. And Punching the Clown will have its world premiere at the festival, on March 13. (The movie had formerly been being referred to as Still Punching the Clown.) Additional showings will be March 16, 17, and 18. Ticketing information is at the movie’s festival listing.

This is the article from today’s Hollywood Reporter:


by Ashley Lee

J.K. Simmons sees perfection in the heckled in The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive clip from And Punching the Clown, premiering at South by Southwest.

Directed by Gregori Viens, the film follows Henry Phillips as a comedian-songwriter who is lured to LA by renowned TV producer Jay Warren (Simmons), who hopes to create a television series about the life of a struggling performer.

“We’re gonna tell your story, Henry — I can’t wait to get started,” says Simmons to a discouraged and apologetic Phillips in the clip.

With the support of his longtime musician friend Jillian (Tig Notaro), and his well-meaning, but subpar, manager Ellen Pinsky (Ellen Ratner), Henry endures the ups and downs of L.A.; securing what appears to be the Hollywood dream. But when a major TV network gets involved with the show, Henry must decide whether his legacy will be to make jokes, or become the butt of them. Sarah Silverman, Mike Judge and Jim Jefferies are also among the film’s cast.

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