Tix: Sarah and friends to be at Jashfesht in April

Logo1It appears that the producers of the online comedy conglomerate, JASH, have put out a press release announcing a festival that will be held April 2-3 in Palm Springs, CA. But details are still very sketchy, although tickets have gone on sale online.  Tickets can be purchased at the festival homepage, jashfesht.com, but the same website has no information about who will be appearing. Only articles based on the press release announce “live performances and screenings from JASH founding members Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts, Michael Cera, and Tim & Eric, plus their friends.”  The JASH homepage itself still has no mention of the festival.  So we look forward to more information to come.

UPDATE: The JASH homepage now has a link to JashFesht in its banner.
UPDATE 2: Sarah will actually be making multiple appearances. Go here for a list.

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One Response to Tix: Sarah and friends to be at Jashfesht in April

  1. Tarryl says:

    I’m surprised Sarah is still even associated with Jash. She hasn’t made a video for them in so long

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