Khloe wants to F Sarah

Khloe Kardashian wrote recently on her website that she has sex with Sarah on her mind. This is how reported it:


     We’ve all been there — playing the game ‘f*ck, marry, kill’ with our pals out of sheer boredom or when we’re already pretty hammered at a party.

     And seeing as we all know Khloe Kardashian doesn’t hold back when discussing sex, it really comes as no surprise that she also wanted to take part.

     Taking to her website last night, she added a new post under the cheeky headline ‘Just The Tip: A New Twist on a Classic Game’ and switched up the ‘kill’ category to ‘friend-zone.’ Why, you ask? Well, according to her male pals, this fate is far worse than death anyway.

     She said:   “You guys know the game F–k, Marry, Kill, right??? I recently played a version of this with my team and they came up with an awesome new twist: F–k, Marry, Friend-Zone! (According to some guys, friend-zoning is worse than death, anyway!) Watch this space because more F–k, Marry, Friend-Zone posts are coming your way! Here’s who I picked. Do you agree?”

     In the first round of Koko’s game, she included comedians Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler, revealing:

“I’d friend-zone Chelsea because we’re good friends in real life and I love her!!! I’d marry Tina Fey because she seems like she’d be a good wifey. And I’d definitely f–k Sarah Silverman. She’s smoking hot, haha!”

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