Video: Sarah’s Hanukkah moment on Conan 12/10/15

Sarah did a walk-on on the Conan O’Brien show last night, to light Conan’s human centipede Hanukkah menorah.  Here’s how reported on it:

While Jim Gaffigan was busy giving Christmas shopping tips over on The Tonight Show, Sarah Silverman was on the other side of the country helping Conan O’Brien celebrate Hannukah.  Conan brought out his traditional human centipede menorah to some nice traditional Hannukah Klezmer music. Sarah brought potato latkes, hot coffee, and most importantly hot shorts as she lit the first five lights of the HRC to celebrate the fifth day of Hannukah.  For those who don’t know Jewish history, Sarah explained the meaning of Hannukah.  “Conan as you know Hannukah is a glorious tradition where we remember when the Jews were enslaved in Egypt and sewn together ass to mouth by a deranged scientist,” she said. “And so you know we feed the front face to remind the ass faces of our suffering.”  Take that Linus.

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