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Los Angeles TV interviews Sarah 12/30/15

Sarah was on KTLA Morning News (Los Angeles, CA) early today, continuing to plug I Smile Back. And here are a couple stills to show what Sarah wore:

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Tix: Sarah at Largo 1/28/16

Tickets are now available for Sarah’s January date of “Sarah Silverman and Friends” at Largo in Los Angeles. She does that show once a month when she’s available.  In January she’ll be there on the 28th.

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Conan to replay 10/22/15 Sarah episode Monday

  Sarah’s October 22 guest appearance on Conan will be re-run on Monday, 12/28/15. You can read about what she said on that episode here.

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Sarah’s holiday humor irks and amuses [with 12/29 update]

Yes, there is viral outrage on the Internet in response to Sarah’s Christmas tweet. But look also at how many likes it has by two days afterward… UPDATE: This what Sarah tweeted December 29 in reply to those who objected … Continue reading

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Sarah a top actress in Vulture list

Today Vulture published what it considers “The 40 Best Dramatic Performances by Comedians,” and Sarah’s performance in I Smile Back was listed in third place, after Whoopi Goldberg in The Color Purple and Lily Tomlin in Nashville. 

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Sarah touts Spotlight as memorable 2015

The Hollywood Reporter recently (12/17/15) asked various celebrities what movies made the biggest impressions on them in 2015. This was Sarah’s response:

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Sarah does SAG screening Q&A 12/19/15

In the run-up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, SAG does screenings open only to members. Sarah did a Q&A at the December 19 SAG members only screening of I Smile Back (Harmony Gold Theater, Los Angeles, CA).  

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