Video: Long interview at Academy Conversations 10/3/15

This is 8m:27s of John Horn interviewing Sarah about I Smile Back on the stage of the Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles, as part of the AMPAS Academy Conversations series. In addition to the publicity tour talking point stories, Sarah comes out with these insights:

at 1m:30s
“When everything is lost, the one thing she can contrl is the destruction over her own life. And there’s just that one glimmer of just what she can do without thinking, without talking herself out of it with fear, is just the bags and the drawing and the sandwich– the meditative kind of ritual things that a mother does.”

at 4m:00s
“To a degree you have to always be on your character’s side as an actor…–because I’ve heard a lot of actors say that on Inside the Actors Studio.”

at 5 5m:56s
“I’m a teetotaler…and sometimes stoner. But human behavior is interesting to me. I’m lucky: I’ve got an incredible therapist and I’ve learned so much about myself and people– watching people– and it’s helped me in what I do completely.”

at 7m:02s
“[Josh Charles and I] had talked about a lot of things that we wanted to know about [our characters] that isn’t a part of the movie: that maybe we had worked together, that I had worked with him in insurance, that we had built something together. That when I became a mother, a housewife, I started judging him. That was really helpful for him and for me.”

“A lot of looking down at someone comes from how you feel about yourself, of course. It was stuff that was very helpful in how you played stuff, like when I was at a dinner with his clients, or that kind of demeaning behavior that comes from feeling shitty about yourself and who you are.”

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