Video: Sarah Q&A at Mill Valley Film Festival

This video includes some excerpts from the Q&A Sarah did October 9 at Mill Valley Film Festival. (Also some brief red carpet.) I Smile Back was shown and Sarah received the MVFF “Spotlight Award.” 

If you have been watching most of the videos from Sarah’s many press interviews for I Smile Back, watching this will be a similar experience to seeing Sarah multiple times on a comedy tour.  It’s her same act, but it’s still fun to watch, especially to spot the little differences from the other times she’s “done these bits.”   For example, leading up to the “How Is There No Coffee?!” bit, here she said, “I felt like a toddler that didn’t know what to do with their feelings and pulled hair.”  During the comedy vs. drama topic, she observed, “They say if you live in the past it’s depression, if you live in the future it’s anxiety, and that’s why we have to be in the moment.”  At another point she advised, “You may think I’m about to cry, but I was holding in a burp.”  And there’s a funny moment when she’s got a kleenex balanced on her nose.

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  1. Amos111 says:

    Sarah Silverman is The Most!

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