California mayor praises Sarah’s PSA

So it turns out that when John Oliver featured Sarah in bit condemning usurious payday lenders on his HBO show in August, 2014, the city council of Menlo Park, California, was listening. Menlo Park Mayor Catherine Carlton called in to the KQED (public radio) Forum on Friday, during an interview with Sarah about I Smile Back, to let her know the role the actress had played in bringing about a city ban on payday lenders.

In 2014, the Menlo Park City Council had been considering banning payday lenders, according to the mayor, who said, “So it was really timely when you did the bit.” Carlton recalled, “We watched and we listened very closely, and asked some questions in the City Council meeting — some based on the information you provided.”  Council then voted to pass the ban. Sarah reacted, “That’s amazing!”

Sarah further explained, “Usually I write the things that I do, but that was a piece that was for the brilliant John Oliver show and it was actually written by the writers. I’ve got to give them credit for that.”


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