Video: Canada TV etalk interviews Sarah at TIFF

This is the interview Jessi Cruickshank, of CTV’s (Canada) etalk, did with Sarah at TIFF.

Asked if it was “worth the risk” to take on such a serious, dark role, Sarah reiterated her spontaneous professional lifestyle: “I don’t see any risk to it. I have very low expectations of myself. I make no plans. I have no big dreams of how things are going to plan out.”

Then later, in the context of talking about how she reserves binge watching great TV for when she is working out on the elliptical (presently watching Breaking Bad) which is a practice Cruickshank observes is an ingenious workout strategy which she should market, Sarah continues her low expectations refrain: “I’m not good at monetizing any of my talents or interests. That’s not my lot in life. I own my apartment. I own my car. And besides┬áthat, like in Sex, Lies, and Videotape, I want as few keys as possible.”

She also says this about being addicted to TV: “What are my addictions? I do love television. I love great TV, I love terrible TV, and everything in between. It makes me happy.”

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