Video: Another red carpet TIFF interview


We jump to late in this Red Carpet Diary TIFF report onĀ I Smile Back, becauseĀ that’s where Adam Salky and Sarah have things like this to say:

AS: What it’s really about is about how a person can come to be broken. And about how hard it is for someone like that, in particular for someone like Laney, who has so much love, to play a part in breaking other people, in particular her family.

SS: Laney is a woman who battles with depression, who is on medication but chooses to self-medicate; she kind of lives in a state of anxiety of “what if,” which I think we all can relate to to a degree.

AS: I was not shocked by what Sarah did in this film because I knew going in that she could do it; however, I do believe that people are going to see something that they have never seen before from Sarah.

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