Gurian praises Sarah’s 8/4/15 Comedy Juice set

We had a couple postings last month about Sarah’s surprise sets in New York the week of August 3, but we just discovered that Jeff Gurian glowingly reviewed Sarah’s August 4 appearance at Gotham. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, I don’t know how they do it but Comedy Juice keeps topping itself with amazing shows. I had a feeling it was going to be a special night when I got to Gotham Comedy Club and it was literally standing room only. They even put out spare chairs lining the walls and every inch of space was taken up by the lucky audience who got to see a show you’d never be able to get tickets for. James Mattern, the always funny and sharp host had just introduced Todd Barry. I always tell Todd he’s one of the only comics to make me laugh out loud. He acknowledges me with a Todd Barry-like thank you which is a barely perceptible nod and smile.  So after Todd leaves James tells the audience they have a special guest and who does it turn out to be, butSarah Silverman. The crowd went CRAZY! And Sarah looked great as always wearing the kind of sexy outfit that only Sarah could pull off and still have the audience concentrating on what she was saying and not how she was dressed. She wore short shorts with a tank top, black sheeer stockings with black knee high stockings on top of that. Her material was so sharp, and even more edgy than usual.   The audience fell down laughing.  Everyone. I mean on the floor! Destroyed! Completely! She came out on stage with notes but hardly referred to them, and I guess she was trying out new stuff, but it all worked and was very strong. She was surprised to see me when she came off stage and I ran over to say “Hi!”.

Just as the crowd was settling down after Sarah, James announced that they had another surprise guest who they’d also know from TV and it was Louis C.K…I was standing on the side with Jay Pharoah, who said the show was like comedy wrestle mania, with one big star coming out after the next. In his humility he said he wished he didn’t have to follow Louis CK, but he needn’t have worried because the crowd loved him and the many impressions he did. 

Todd [Barry] and Sarah are very close and Louis just produced Todd’s newest special. After Jay’s set, Todd, Sarah and Louis all left together! 

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