Video: Sarah introduces Sanders at LA rally

Sarah pumped up the crowd of over 27,000 when she introduced Bernie Sanders at Monday’s Los Angeles rally for the senator, who is running in the Democratic presidential primary.

Full transcribed text of the speech is here:
Sarah introduces Bernie Sanders (L.A. 08/10/15)

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One Response to Video: Sarah introduces Sanders at LA rally

  1. ned allen john buchbinder aka bob e bubbles says:

    sarah you are intelligent courageous funny beautiful very talented a very good person an amazing wonderful woman

    i will vote for bernie sanders becuz he is all you say about him and more

    this wed ug 19 my wife melinda and i will be celebrating 42 years of marriage

    if i weren’t so in love with melinda (who is fighting valiantly breast cancer),

    i’d propose marriage to you you are very loving and loveavle

    my dad was Jewish so i am a half breen one of the Chosen people

    thank you for you for all the joy you have given folks and being politically active

    in a meaningful way shalom

    ned buchbinder

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