Video: Martin says Sarah had “talent gap”

040815AlMartinVidcapIn response to the story Sarah told in her¬†interview for Levo’s Ask4More campaign (promoting equal pay for women), Al Martin, former owner of the New York Comedy Club, posted a video defending himself. In it, he says while Todd Barry had been on the bill that night, Sarah was a “guest” (unscheduled walk-on), and that guests were customarily not paid. He says when she asked for pay, he was being considerate by giving her “cabfare.” He goes on to list the many women in his life as evidence that he does treat women fairly.

Martin posted his video response on the New York Comedy World Facebook page, with the following printed message:
My response to Sarah Silverman’s attempt to slander me on the internet yesterday…Not as high quality as hers, but I tried to make a selfie video with the FACTS…And to anyone who wishes to share I would be greatly appreciative.

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