Video: Sarah on equal pay for women

As part of Levo’s Ask4More campaign (promoting equal pay for women) during these days leading up to Equal Pay Day (April 14), Sarah addresses the subject in a five minute video. She tells a personal story of being paid unequally, mentions her experience playing basketball with men, and addresses women improving their own self-image.

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4 Responses to Video: Sarah on equal pay for women

  1. Andrei says:

    Love and respect to u grl :)

  2. Bree says:

    Great person all the way around! Smart and funny!

  3. Tommy Sunshine says:

    So heartfelt, love it.

    I feel like respect is given out disproportionally in regards to talent and club membership.

  4. Gina Andrade says:

    Keep leading the way sarah, don’t let anyone try to emotionally break you. It’s time America stepped into the looking glass. And let me tell you something, if people are shooting you daggers, you know change is on it’s way!

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