Sarah didn’t write the rape prevention tips

We’re finally giving in and saying something about the week-long, expanding online “discussion” of Sarah’s March 20 tweet of these “rape prevention tips.”  And that’s only because there is so much online about it, we don’t want people who come here for Sarah news to think we don’t cover ‘Everything Sarah.’

The simple facts are:
1. It’s a re-tweet (See the “RT” in the tweet?); she didn’t write it.  It’s years old.
2. Most of the people writing online with aghast objections are criticizing Sarah for writing them. Why even respond to people who are that dumb?


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3 Responses to Sarah didn’t write the rape prevention tips

  1. Fat Elvis says:

    I read the thing. I knew it was a re-tweet and I thought it was pretty funny. That’s what satire is supposed to be about, right? I think I’m the only person who responds on this site because I freaking LOVE Sarah, and I’m a fairly right wing gun loving libertarian nut job. The difference is, of course, that I’m NOT a knee jerk reactionary right wing gun loving libertarian nut job. I have a sense of humor and I will always adore Sarah, even when I don’t agree with herr 100% of the time(what’s the fun in that?). So rock on, Sarah. Love and kisses with lots of tongue.

  2. Sam says:

    Joke is on them,all those people who feel heart because she re-twitted this post.She is cool as always and I can’t wait for her new show and movies to come out.

  3. Tarryl says:

    It’s so obviously a satire about how rape prevention tips are always aimed at woman instead of men (the ones that usually perpetrate the rape) that it boggles the mind how people LOVE reacting to buzz words without hearing the meaning. Might as well just be a monkey.

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