Sarah talks fashion with L.A. Magazine

Here’s the March 25 Los Angeles Magazine interview with (and three terrific pics of) Sarah.



by Linda Immediato

For your Emmy award-winning HBO special, We Are Miracles, you rocked a jean shorts-and-tights ensemble. I’d cop that look.
It’s funny, because I’ll say to my boyfriend, “You see what I’m wearing? You’re gonna see a whole bunch of little girls wearing this next year.” I’m wearing what Janeane Garofalo wore in 1995. I like the shorts and tights. I feel super comfortable in them; I feel sexual in them. My thighs are free. I’m not thinking about what they look like in jeans or pants. I also want to bring back the skort. I have one skort that I love. I can be free in it and run if I need to and sit like a regular person.

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What do you find challenging, style wise?
I’m not good with heels, and I can’t wear them for any amount of time. I think they’re beautiful, and I’ll wear them on the red carpet. I went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party—which is such an exciting, fun party—and I had to leave, my heels hurt so much. Even meeting celebrity X, Y, or Z fell to the amount of pain I was in, and I wanted to be in sweats and socks and watching a Law & Order episode.


You describe yourself as a regular gal. Can a celebrity go clothes-shopping like normal people?
Yes, I get things from all over. I just bought a pair of cargo pants that I wear all the time. They were, like, $19 on Amazon. But I’ll also spend money on a cashmere sweater that I know I’m gonna wear the shit out of. But I don’t really like to spend a lot of money. I bought myself a Canada goose jacket for my last birthday. For the past three years I’ve admired them, but they’re so expensive that whenever I looked at the price tag, I ended up telling the coat, “Fuck you.” It was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten myself. I wear it all the time, even inside. I call it my “mink.”

What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?
I was nominated for an Emmy in 2009, and Badgley Mischka said they wanted to make a dress for me. It was just a plain royal blue dress, and I was like, “What about this? And what about this?” The tailor acquiesced to everything. It ended up looking like a blueberry Renaissance Faire dress. It was so bad that Badgley Mischka took their name off of it.

What do you think about working with a stylist?
When you’re an actor, you have fittings for costumes, and it’s not dissimilar to working with a stylist. Everything is too small, and it can be really crushing to your self-worth if you let it. I’m lucky I’m older and have perspective and humor. There have been times that I’ve walked out of fittings choking back tears. One time I was replacing an actress in a movie, and I went to the fitting straight from the airport in New Mexico. The wardrobe stylist looked at me and started crying. I said, “Are you OK?” and she said, “Everything I have is a size 0, and you’re like an 8!!” It was a nice welcome to Albuquerque.

So what did you think about posing for us?
It was fun. But we all look at ourselves and are critical. I try to remember “I’m strong and my body works and I’m beautiful” or whatever. But when I looked at those pictures on the screen, I just saw a horse monkey. Like if a horse could also be a monkey—who’s Jewish—in a dress.

Don’t be so hard on yourself! You showed off some solid modeling chops.
Well, I watch a lot of America’s Next Top Model, and I know that you have to learn your angles and be constantly moving and “smizing.” So I just pretended to be a model. I mean, most models are discovered in their forties, right?


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