Sarah advises Corden’s bandleader

James Corden takes the full-time helm of The Late Late Show (CBS) tonight, and his band leader is going to be Reggie Watts, friend of Sarah and one of the creative partners in their online  In the process of considering the gig, Watts consulted Sarah (as reported by

Vulture: What finally sparked your decision
to take the job?

R.W.: It’s funny, I had so many conversations with friends and colleagues. And I remember talking to Sarah Silverman about it, and she was really cool. She said, “If you get to be who you are, and you get to ask for a criteria and they meet that criteria, then why not check it out?” So I thought about that. And then I talked to my mom. And my mom was like, [in mom voice] “Well. You never know until you try.”

Vulture: Sometimes all you need is Sarah Silverman and your mom.
R.W.: Exactly.

with Reggie Watts

Sarah and Watts


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