Sarah mourns death of Wittels

Sarah was among the first to react publicly to Thursday’s death of her friend and colleague, Harris Wittels, when she tweeted her sadness. This is a compilation of what she wrote honoring him:


He was my baby. I just keep thinking of superman flying backwards around the earth. I wish I could do that. I’m so mad at you Harris.

You should know that Harris was brilliant beyond compare. That his imagination was without limit. That he loved comedy more than anything.

That his heart was big and he FELT hard. That he was someone who would reach out to tell you he was thinking of you for no particular reason.

That he was honest even if it was gonna piss u off or make him look shitty.  He told the truth. Even when it was ugly.  Even when he lied.


Wittels was a writer (and occasional actor) on The Sarah Silverman Program. More recently, he was an actor, writer, and executive producer on Parks and Recreation. He was also a standup comedian, and author of the book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty.

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