Video: THR asks Sarah for slogan

Straying from the standard interview subjects at Sundance, The Hollywood Reporter, for its “Sundance Short Cuts” feature, asked celebrities, “What is a word or phrase that each of you overuses?”  The full video includes two different Sarah segments.

At timecode :30 (30secs), she digresses:

“I don’t know, but my manager pointed out yesterday, and I guess it’s true, that at some points I go like this– [Makes clawing at neck motion with both hands.] Do I do that? …When she did it, I was like, ‘That’s crazy– but– it does look familiar. I can imagine doing that. And it makes so much sense, because at night when I wash my face, I’m like, ‘I have a rash on my neck. It’s just red!'”



At timecode 1:50, she more directly addresses the question:

“I want to have a signature phrase, though. I’ve been really trying to push this [takes a blue collar pose and voice]: ‘Sounds like my ex-wife.’ (Host: I don’t know if that’s totally fresh and new, but–)”


“What about–um–‘What a country!’ Is that fresh– [Adam Salky observes the Yakov Smirnoff reference, so Sarah drat-punches fist:] Dumb-dumb!”


P.S. Fans will recognize “Sounds like my ex-wife” from Sarah’s invocation of that bit on the January 8 episode of @midnight.

THR talks to I Smile Back team at Sundance

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