Still Punching coming soon?

Back in November, the writer of Still Punching the Clown tweeted that filming was complete. And with J.K. Simmons in contention for an Oscar (he won a Screen Actors Guild award on Sunday), it’s no surprise that Still Punching got a recent media mention. This is from the January 21 New York Post “Page Six.” 

J.K. Simmons — who’s being called a lock to win an Oscar for his role as a maniacal music mentor in “Whiplash” — wrapped his latest indie project just before the holidays, and it’s being tipped to hit the festival circuit this year.

Simmons appears in “Still Punching the Clown,” which is set in the comedy world and co-stars Sarah Silverman, “Silicon Valley” creator Mike Judge, Tig Notaro and Jim Jefferies.

The film has an unusual history: “Face/Off” producer David Permut wandered into a screening of an indie project called “Punching the Clown” at the Slamdance Film Festival back in 2009, between seeing movies at the larger Sundance — and he liked it so much, he ultimately backed a bigger-budgeted sequel.

Sarah to be in Clown sequel

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