More about Sarah’s Israel gig

This excerpt from today’s Ha’aretz (Israel) article has some quotes that weren’t previously  published. (Sarah was accepting an achievement award Thursday from the 16th annual Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival.)


In preparation for her visit, Silverman, who came on stage in skinny jeans and a puffy ski jacket, told the crowd that she had designed and mailed some peace-themed T-shirts to – the first sign of a problem – her sister’s old address.

“Yeah, I sent them to Suzie’s old address,” she sighed, referring to her sister Susan Silverman, a reform rabbi who lives in Jerusalem with her husband and five children, including said Bar Mitzvah boy. “So whoever lives there has $400-worth of T-shirts I made.”

The T-shirts, Silverman continued brightly, read — in Hebrew and Arabic, with English on the back — “Be brave and love each other.”

“I was so proud of it,” she recounted. “I told my boyfriend, ‘I made these T-shirts!’” And he is like ‘Umm, that’s nice,’ And I’m like ‘what?’ And he’s like, ‘What, this girl from West Hollywood comes from her doorman building to Israel and says (whiny voice) ‘You guys, come-on!!!! Just get along!’”

“I think it’s a little more complicated,” she concluded mock-sheepishly. “I think maybe if I was a Palestinian or an Israeli and saw you in that T-shirt, I would be like ‘Fuck you.’

“But I brought some anyway,” she concluded. “Because I think they look good on my boobs.”

During her previous – and first – visit to Israel three years ago, she asked an audience in Tel Aviv whether there were any Palestinians in the crowd.

 “It was such a stupid question!” she reflected in her talk. “I was so naïve. Yael, the show manager said, ‘You know, a Palestinian COULD come here if they really wanted, but it would take them about eight hours, you know, getting detained along the way and all.”

Silverman noted she did not so much grow up “Jewish” as “Jew-ee” in New Hampshire, and that when her sister Susan told their dad she wanted to be a rabbi, he said, ‘I didn’t know you were Jewish!’ (“My sister always says it best,” she added. “We all thought growing up Jewish in New Hampshire just meant you were a Democrat!”)

“I’m not very worldly,” she shrugged. “This is my second time in Israel and I’m like ‘Wait! This is how far from my apartment?” She paused. “But I made it.”

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