Sarah gets sentimental about Colbert

The Colbert Report is ending this week, as Stephen Colbert prepares to take some time off before he starts as the new host of Late Night when David Letterman retires in May. And Vulture marked the occasion by asking a list of celebrities to “recount their memories” of Colbert’s TV character.  This is what Sarah said:

ColbertStephen_After the 2008 Emmy Awards PeI have so many favorite moments, and I’m going to say one that probably won’t ultimately be my favorite, but when he spoke about his mother passing, it was a genuine moment. That’s not what’s brilliant about him, but, it was really special to me. I thought it was beautiful, and I just think he’s a really special person.

At right is Colbert with Sarah after the 2008 Emmy Awards.

Listen here to what Sarah said about Colbert on her Howard Stern Show interview 9/23/14.

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