Sarah movie announced for Sundance Festival

The schedule for the January 2015 Sundance Film Festival was announced today, and among the features is I Smile Back, in which Sarah stars with Josh Charles (The Good Wife) and Thomas Sadoski (The Newsroom). Variety calls her role, “a self-destructive wife and mother.”

Here’s the paragraph that talks about Sarah in today’s Entertainment Weekly online article about the Sundance lineup announcement:

Earlier this year, of course, former Saturday Night Live funnywoman Jenny Slate recalibrated her career with the breakout Sundance dramedy Obvious Child. And in 2015, Silverman seems poised to similarly upend her image (for chipper yet foul-mouthed comedy schtick), starring in I Smile Back as a suburban mom struggling to maintain a facade of normalcy amid troubles with adultery and substance abuse. “It’s high drama,” Cooper says. “It’s like you’ve never seen Sarah Silverman before.”

Here’s our first look at a pic from the movie: Sarah as Laney with Josh Charles as her husband, Bruce.


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