Sheen says Sarah available for butt

DailyBeastLogoMichael Sheen wittily sidestepped when the Daily Beast interviewer tried to stir up some talk about his relationship with Sarah. This is Caryn James talking to Sheen (9/28/14).

CJ: One last question. You got a lot of publicity for having your butt grabbed on the red carpet at the Met Gala.

MS: I didn’t know we got lots of publicity

CJ: It was all over the web.

MS: I don’t remember. I am genuinely unaware of that.

CJ: Okay. I think it was the moment when people said, “Oh yes Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen are a couple because she grabbed his butt on the red carpet at the Met.” There is a photograph of her hand on your butt if you want to look it up online.

MS: I don’t need to. I can have her grab my butt whenever I want.

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