‘Bedwetter: The Musical’ back in the news

BedwetterMiniLogoBroadwayworld.com and other media are reporting that Sarah “revealed” on the Howard Stern Show this week that she is working on a stage musical version of her memoir, The Bedwetter. Even JASH ‘s tumblr site reposted the information as “breaking news.”

Fans know better. Sarah talked about that project in her Rolling Stone interview back in February. In case you’re a Sarah neophyte looking for more details, here’s the relevant piece of the Rolling Stone article. (But as you see, she hasn’t said much about the show yet.)

Sarah: I don’t know if I should say this, but I’ve been working on a musical of my book The Bedwetter with Adam Schlesinger [from Fountains of Wayne]. I wouldn’t be in it, but it’s all about my childhood stuff.

Rolling Stone: Will that be Off-Broadway in New York?

Sarah:  Yeah. But it’s such a long process. I probably shouldn’t say anything. But we have a first outline and we’re writing songs. It would be so dark, but a child would star in it. The character goes from six to 19. Adam Schlesinger is the one who thought about turning the book into a musical. I couldn’t believe it. I’m so excited about the prospect of it. It would be so cool.

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