Sarah on Howard Stern 9/23/14

Sarah was on the Howard Stern show this morning (so was Lenny Kravitz). We’ll have a transcript of the interview for you in a few days, but meanwhile, here is the E! report about Howard’s conversation with Sarah.


One of the (many) drawbacks to dating in Hollywood? Your significant other’s relationship history is fair game for tabloid fodder.

So when Sarah Silverman stopped by The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday morning to promote the audio release of her Emmy-award winning stand-up special We Are Miracles, the funnylady was asked point blank about boyfriend Michael Sheen’s gorgeous ex, Kate Beckinsale, whom he dated for eight years and has one daughter, 15-year-old Lily.

Awkward much? Well, not if you’re Sarah Silverman.

While discussing her topless scene on Masters of Sex with Howard Stern (she’s a recurring guest star on the hit Showtime series), the 43-year-old star admitted she felt comfortable stripping down and isn’t one to compare her body to that of her co-stars.

“That’s what I was worried about in your relationship,” Stern replied, dredging up the past and commenting on Sheen’s ex, Beckinsale, whom he referred to as “one of the most physically beautiful women I have ever seen on the planet.”

“I think that puts pressure on you to look good,” the 60-year-old radio personality added in his signature candid fashion.

“No, it’s more like, ‘Look at all these beautiful women and he loves me,’” she said with a laugh after gushing that Beckinsale is “so beautiful.” “It’s more like that, like, ‘Wow!'”

So does Silverman ever get jealous of the amicable exes who have maintained an incredibly close relationship since calling it quits in 2003?

“No! I love her. She’s hilarious…She’s really really cool. They’re really funny together.”

The comedienne, whose famous exes include Jimmy Kimmel and Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin, also reiterated her anti-marriage sentiments after she slammed a series of false reports earlier this week which claimed the actress is itching to get hitched.

“If he asked you tomorrow, would you say yes?” Stern pressed the Wreck-It Ralph star, seemingly unsatisfied with her disapproval towards saying “I do.”

“He wouldn’t; I’m not into that” she insisted.

“What if he said, ‘Listen, I know you’re not into it, I want to put it out there, Sarah, I love you, I want to be married to you, because I want to say to the world that you’re my wife. I want you to be my wife. I want to tell every single person on the planet how madly in love I am with you.’ What would you say to that?” Stern said.

“I’d say ‘Tweet it!’ Why do we have to get the government involved in our love? It’s weird!” she replied.

Still, the hilarious thesp hasn’t ruled out starting a family someday.

“I have always been baby crazy…I’m going through such a crisis in that way because my whole life I’ve been like, ‘Ah, I’m not ready, I’m not ready, I love kids but someday’ and now it’s like, ‘I’m 43′ and I still don’t feel ready!” she admitted. “It’s such a huge decision. How do people make this decision so fast like it’s nothing? It’s your whole life!”


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