Sarah praises Joan on Kimmel 9/4/14

Appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel last night, Sarah repeated and expanded on her previously-tweeted words of mourning and praise for comedienne Joan Rivers, who had passed away earlier in the day. Below are excerpts from the first media reports about Sarah’s conversation with Kimmel, as well as video of part of the appearance.

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Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his show on Thursday by acknowledging the passing of Joan Rivers, before paying tribute to the comedy legend with Sarah Silverman, who said she was “broken inside.”

Silverman emotionally said Rivers was “a hero to me,” adding, “I loved her very much.”

She also noted that even though the comedy legend was 81, “She wasn’t done.”

Silverman felt, “If she were here, she would want us to be funny,” and then zinged Kimmel with a series of Rivers-like jokes, like “Nice tie. Who made it, Calvin Clown” and “I love your hair. You have to tell me where you bought it.”


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“I think a lot of people, when they die at 81, you go, ‘Well, she was 81, she had an amazing life.’ But she wasn’t done! She, right now, was at her most vital,” Silverman said.

Silverman rattled off a series of put-downs to ex-boyfriend Kimmel, for Joan – “Oh my God Jimmy, I love your hair. You have to tell me where you bought it” – before sharing a recent interaction she had with her hero. Rivers had sent Silverman an email last week congratulating her on her recent Emmy win.

“She loved with her whole heart, and she also hated with her whole heart, which I loved,” Silverman said.


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