Insights on Sarah’s 8/19 sets with Brody Stevens

We already reported to you that Sarah and Brody Stevens took time between Oddball Festival dates to do some New York City club appearances on August 19. Today Jeffrey Gurian talked in his column about having attended their performances that night at Gotham:

…From there I jumped over to the Gotham Comedy Club to see Comedy Juice which is an amazing show. Brody Stevens was there; he was in town touring with the Oddball Comedy Festival. He did great– you know he’s very strange and unusual — and at the end of his set, a guy was walking through the crowd and Brody made fun of him saying that he looked like Dr. Drew. Well, oddly enough, it really was Dr. Drew Pinsky. And Brody, who makes no secret of his mental illness stayed on after the red light so he could tell Dr. Drew from the stage what drug he’s currently on, and what the dosage was. Dr. Drew gave him a thumbs up and told him he was doing well.

That night, Sarah Silverman came in and did a great set!  She was working out some new material– and she even brought her notes on stage with her.   Somebody in the audience made a comment– and she told the audience– you should be excited to see a comedian working out new material because it’s not often that you see that. And she got huge applause for saying that. After she was finished, she split immediately because Sarah doesn’t really hang out unless she’s at the Comedy Cellar.


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