Sarah returning to Masters of Sex in season 3?

MastersOfSex_LogoSarah hopes to be back on Masters of Sex next season, and the show’s creator, Michelle Ashford, hopes to have her back. reported that Ashford said this about Sarah’s Helen character:

“[Sarah’s] great. We ended up loving her so much,” Michelle said. “We had her in mind for the longest time for this. She was so game for it and she’s so lovely. Also we knew she had to be a very unusual woman to have hooked up with Betty. So she alone has this whole mystery—but she’s so beautiful and subtle in the role. I think people will be really surprised. She’s lovely and so now she’s in. She’s another one, in with us for good. She’s also a very busy woman so she’s in two wonderful episodes this season but she’s gonna be coming back for sure.”

Speaking to E! on the Emmys red carpet, Sarah herself said, “I’ll be back next season to finish the story up—if I’m allowed.”

Sarah appeared as Betty’s lesbian lover, Helen, in episodes 5 and 6 of the current season (season 2).

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