Ross enjoys Sarah’s poker games

During an interview for the Tampa Tribune posted August 6 at, comedian Jeff Ross, talking about the then-upcoming Oddball Comedy tour, mentioned Sarah’s frequent poker parties. Here’s an excerpt of the interview, starting right after Ross talked about his early days at the New York Friar’s Club playing poker with legendary comedians:

TBO: What is it you like about poker? To me, it sounds cool, but ends up being torturous.

JR: I like to gamble, but beyond that, I usually play with other comedians, and it’s a chance to talk in our own inside language. I love the camaraderie of it. Sarah Silverman has poker games all the time here in L.A., and she always invites comedians, and it’s a lot of laughs. It’s always a good excuse to get stoned and eat pizza.

TBO: Is there pressure to be funny when you’re hanging out with a bunch of comedians?

JR: I think there’s less pressure. I feel more pressure when I’m with regular people because they expect me to be the funny guy. I feel like comedy is my religion, and I love hanging out with other people who believe in the same thing as me. Stand up comics believe in free speech. We like to talk smack to each other and about the world in general.

TBO: Do you get to hang with the other comedians on a tour like this?

JR: Sometimes we share dressing rooms, and we often fly with each other. There’s hours to pass traveling and waiting around. Especially a big traveling festival like this, I really love because normally I’m on the road by myself. On the Oddball Tour we’re like one big unhappy family.

TBO: This tour has such a lineup, it’s crazy.

JEFF ROSS: I can’t believe I’ve become part of a show where I’m a huge fan of all the people on it; it’s like a dream.


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